I would love to tell you the ‘fact’ that we only use 10% of our brains. And that fishes are just swimming around the remaining 90% while we gaze at our smart phones.

Sadly the rumour isn’t true, just urban legend. MRI scans show us that almost all of our brains are active just about all of the time. Which doesn’t help this blog.

But you see it isn’t about quantity, I now realise. It’s about the quality of our thoughts and our responsibility for them. So even though your brain might be active, it might be active up the waterfall instead of down the river, with an umbrella instead of a paddle. You see?

Imagine, the day you were born as the day a brand new computer was unwrapped. And since then, information has been programmed into it. That is you. That is how you are who you are. Why you feel the way you feel. Why you do the things you do.

Which if you feel you’re not living the life you wished for, is BRILLIANT!

You may feel very connected to you, your habits, your preferences. But consider, up to the point that we begin to look at our thoughts objectively, see how they (and nothing else) creates our reality, we can see how we are a cocktail of past experiences and message. So imagine, you’re on a bus, headed for a meeting in a non-descript city that your boss has arranged for you. That’s the non-objective thinker.

Now imagine you get off the bus. And step into a <insert dream car> and set the Sat Nav to <insert dream destination>. How does that reality feel. Shouldn’t you take the wheel?

Now you know… you can re-programme.

People have a lot of hobbies, passions, things they feel they ought to do, skills they’d like to hone, pastimes. For many people ‘brain upgrading’ is not one of them. But it should be, you know? This is actually one of the few things that can radically change your life, your world, the landscape you live in.

And that’s where miracles happen!

Love me x

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