Self Love Flood

You may have read my previous blog about how self-love is the be-all and end-all of crafting a calm, feel good life.

It’s a grand claim but I know it’s true so I don’t mind being bold about it and how it transformed me. My life.

But for the self-love novice, where do you start?

Good question. It’s easy to explain, it’s a stream of consciousness, directed by you, that reassures you that you are enough. Good enough, nice enough, tidy enough, safe enough, womanly enough, manly enough, beautiful enough, worthy enough… enough of whatever that feeling is that’s stopping you from feeling peaceful. Enough.

I have a really clear memory of learning my past tense French verbs at school. J’ai écrit, J’ai parlé, J’ai appris…

I learnt them by writing them down. A lot. I flooded my mind with them until they sunk in.

For implanting knowledge into our brains, it’s a really effective learning technique.

So try it. Identify the limiting thought, the critical thought, the thing that’s holding you back, blocking your calm flow.

To begin with it might feel forced. It might even feel worse! But trust, surrender and keep going. I didn’t learn my French verbs in one sitting, not so I could recall them twenty years later.

Remember… I can do this.

Love me x

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