Are you sitting comfortably…?

Maybe a better question is… do you need to sit comfortably?

If the answer is yes, then perhaps calm-chasing isn’t for you. Sorry.

It is just as well that we start here. That I explain off the bat, this calm hunt, it’s not always easy. Sometimes, in order to grow, it’s really flippin’ hard!

I’m currently reading a wonderful book given to me by one of my clients, a forward-thinking tomb from the 90’s called Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach.

In it Sarah talks about creating a tidy space, to fulfil her simple abundance.

And it has been rolling around my mind like a marble since I read it. I’m just not sure.  Hers is a ‘Day Book of Comfort and Joy’, I’m a calm-hunter so perhaps we want different things, but I believe the skill, the true skill in crafting calm, is being able to craft in among the chaos.

Because life is untidy. Sometimes it’s a down-right scary mess that splits open your mind. That can create a natural, knee-jerk reaction to try to return to somewhere safe, to what we know, to something that looks more like control. But what if you allow your mind to be split?

What if instead of searching for control, you stay in the new mental room, created when your mind blew and search instead for calm. In fact if your mind has undergone a bombastic pressure, this is when you’ll need calm most and often find it’s packed its bags for Hawaii when we weren’t looking – making the retreat seem even more inviting.

So even if I can’t get a message to my calm because it’s on the beach and here I am in the Highlands with the storm rolling in, I know what my calm would say if it were here, I can touch base with how it feels because I’ve practiced calm such a lot now, I can grow strong from its healing properties and gradually pull it back to me, the naughty scamp!

The storm doesn’t need to pass, the relationship doesn’t need to be simple, the success doesn’t need to come easy and the kitchen doesn’t need to tidy. I can be calm and uncomfortable.

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