Shmedia Binges and how to curb them

10 steps to Tech Check and why we need to curb our Shmedia Binges

So you know that thing, where you remember you need to check your bank account and tap your screen, but you see there’s a sale on, or a celebrity has died, or that photo on Facebook. And before you know it half an hour has passed and you decide to put down your device. Only to walk away and realise you still haven’t checked your bank. That right there. That is a problem. That is inefficiency at its best!

According to techcrunch, together we are creating EVERY TWO DAYS, the same amount of information since the dawn of time to 2003. In 2013, Science Daily reported that 90% of the world’s data had been created in the previous two years. By now it’s probably 95%. Take a moment, ‘cos that’s mind-blowing!

What does this mean to us, how is it affecting our minds and lives?

Well, for many, there’s a lack of focus and concentration, muddled thinking, inattention to loved ones, wasting time, not being present, not achieving your full potential, becoming isolated, disconnected, low-mood, switched off, even late! It also increases our exposure to distorted or strategic messages and images.

And you guessed it. All of this wreaks havoc with your calm-o-meter.

What can we do? We can stage in information intervention!

  1. Restrict device time. In our home we have device-free times which includes: mealtimes, bedtime , watching T.V. and first thing in the morning. Whatever works for you.
  2. Next – The Cleanse. Engage with your information and take control. Sometimes information can seem just as natural as air floating around us, but these days it’s not, it has been created by us and our choices and it is our responsibility to manage it. So… Do you have an inbox bigger than a storage unit? Look at which spam emails are wasting your time and junk them or unsubscribe, or better yet, get me to do it for you.
  3. Move on to social media. If they are taking up too much of your time, take the apps off your device, making it harder to connect. Adjust the notifications so that they don’t climb into your life, like a neon sign and demand your attention. You’re in control, not your pings! Take back your time.
  4. Look at the content. How does it make you feel? Is it positive, is it relevant, is it important, does it help you? So much out there isn’t. Be mindful and know… you can unfollow.
  5. Beware of lost seconds. Looking at Susan’s dinner is a couple of seconds you’re never going to get back. Oh cousin Brice (twice removed) is at the hospital again. Ahhh isn’t Judy cute in her prom dress. This is all stuff we would have been blissfully unaware of a decade ago. You could have made a delicious meal, done a meditation, read a book, danced, jogged, improved in any number of hobbies, even got closer to fulfilling your dreams, in amongst all those lost seconds.
  6. Consider posting less. ‘I saw you went to London’ does not start the same conversation as ‘So what’ve you been up to?’ when you meet your real friends, in a real place with a real drink.
  7. Detox your inbox. Once a week set aside half an hour to clean your inboxes – that includes photos. It prevents information overwhelm.
  8. Develop your Time-Waste Radar. Become mindful as you’re scrolling… ‘I’m wasting time, this is my time, I won’t get this back.’ That thought can come in 5 minutes into a shmedia binge, or thirty, it’s up to you.
  9. Assess why you’re using social media – do you need to escape your current situation? Need an ego boost? Maybe some deeper questions need to be asked here then.
  10. Try resisting the urge. The beauty of screen time is it often gives us instant gratification. You can pretty much always find something to occupy your mind when you hit that button. If you find you are feeling pulled to do it, it has become a habit, or even an addiction. Try setting yourself limits, or even use it as a reward, once your real work is done.

Don’t be distracted from your true potential friend.

Channel your soul into greatness not fakeness.

Love me x

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