Say No…

Recently I tasked myself with finding more space in my life to persue a creative project that is really important to me. In doing so I realised how much of my time gets sabotaged by me not being able to say no…

Say no because you don’t want to…

Say no and don’t burn out

Say no because you’re not the only solution

Say no because it’s not convenient

Say no because there’s loads of fun things in the world, we just can’t do them all

Say no and stay healthy

Say no so that the wheels don’t fall off

Say no, its ok to disappoint people

Say no to have some room to move

Say no to live the life you want

Say no and keep hold of the ball

Say no, they’ll still like you

Say no if it’s not your agenda

Say no because you’re not a superhero

Say no and follow your dreams

Say ‘Oh I’m sorry, I would have loved to but…’ That’s ok, to say that.

In the words of Kris Carr, if it’s not a ‘Hell yeah!’ it’s a ‘No’. Sorry. No.

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