… is one of the cornerstones of calm.

Acceptance of you, acceptance of me. Acceptance of the way things are.

Maybe someone let you down. Maybe you let yourself down. It’s actually O.K. and pretty flipping normal.

What thing in your life is bugging you right now? How does it feel to accept it? To stop resisting it? You may find that by accepting the niggle, something reveals itself as a solution.

Acceptance can give you a bit of distance from the situation – and let you see the moving parts that you might be able to influence. Or… once you can release the urge for the situation to change, you might be able to see how you yourself can change, and influence the result.

You may, like me, have a keen sense of justice and be able to lose whole weeks of mind-power (essential calm resource) obsessing over some percieved slight. Perhaps you’re a perfectionist and the idea of fallability just makes you baulk.

Acceptance leads to stepping off the tail-chasing, agro-inducing, self-righteous merry-go-round and actually seeing what can be done about it.

Don’t be afraid, this way progress lives…

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