There is none… Sorry goodbye!

Only kidding. There is some control, like in maths and Next. But mostly life is more like TK Maxx. You don’t know what’s coming, if you’ll like it, when you’ll need it, you’ll have to look hard for the good stuff and accept that you came out with a lot of stuff you didn’t know you need.

The key to crafting calm is to not freak out when you’re in TK Maxx. No you can’t order that colour in that size, no there isn’t another one, no the scratch doesn’t give you a discount, and no there’s no ordering before midnight to get it the very next day.

But there’s loads of unique pieces that you hadn’t planned on…

And some things that you can’t live without!

Control feels nice, like order and clean and ducks all in a row. But lack of control also feels nice, like possibility, creativity, surprises and growth.

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