Reset Breath

This is pretty much always on the top of my toolbox of calm.

A reset breath has many functions.

On a physical level it can reverse an adrenal response. You know that out-dated anger, panic, fear, we have to save us from wild tigers, that you may have got because someone has eaten your food in the fridge or accidentally divorced you. That.

Or it is just a great way to relax, because it forces you to get into a really deep breathing cycle.

Don’t try it if you struggle breathing.

So breathe in. Keep going. Have you gone all the way in? O.K. now stop. Hold your breath. Hold it. Hold it! Do you feel like you can’t hold it any more? Your body will tell you because it will do the tiniest little extra breath, like going over a hill before going down the other side.

O.K. off you go, down the other side, let go of your breath, do it slowly, don’t free-wheel like a loony! Keep it calm. Notice your body. How does it feel? Keep going, nice and deep.

Do this before exercise or a massage, when you sit down at night, get into bed, are faced with your own motality, need a vodka at 10am…

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