Whoops I forgot to hate myself!

Oh change… you’re a bitch!

So here’s the thing. Change is not that easy.

There’s this thing called the limen or threshold… where a person steps over (or is shoved!) into change, and it feels wak!

You’re not the old you, you’re not who you will be. You don’t even know who they are! Your internal programming is more messed up than spaghetti!

During this time I thought the crazy: ‘whoops i forgot to hate myself’, because being down on me felt so much safer and familiar than the new thoughts I was trying on. No matter what fantastic places they might be taking me, the pull to go back was SO strong.

Be brave, be kind to yourself, definitely overthink it if you need to, sometimes new programming needs that. Look out for incredibly ridiculous thoughts to show you you’re going in the right direction.

And push on, don’t worry that there’s parts of you, you don’t need any more that you’re letting go of!


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