Ah, more flowers… thanks

A hat! Pah!

No seriously, it is a really good present. When I was diagnosed I sent out the call: “No flowers! Just hats!”

And they flooded in. During chemo, my daily choice connected me to different loved ones. It made me smile.

But there is also so much more.

For my recent double reconstructive mastectomy op, I wasn’t so bossy. And actually got some really nice flowers :0)

I also got a voucher for M&S for some new lingerie for my new foobs.

It was a really thoughtful as not only did I need a belts and braces sports bra following my proceedure (thank you M&S, trusted icon that you are) but now my foobs are indeed a different size to what I had before.

I would suggest books and magazines… but take care. Check that the author of the best-selling guidance you’re sending hasn’t… died. That’s a bit of a buzz kill. I love this book and anyone with a touch of whimsey will too.

Then there’s the crosstitch. I loved mine, a gift from my sister and it kept my mind and hands busy for hours. It was really relaxing and I’m so pleased with the result and I have something to show for the six weeks I had off.

Another friend brought me journals (I am a stationery hoarder!) These two are from Sainsburies.

Journalling is a really good way to process all of the complicated thoughts and emotions we go through as we try to navigate the changes happening inside and out. It helps to let feelings come and go, flowing through your pen. You know they’re still there, safe in the book, so now you can stop thinking them over and over again!

I’ve also discovered the delights of Cornucopia, a specialist gift company: “Designed to nourish the body, mind, and spirit; these packages will comfort, support and uplift!”

With an onus on being organic, Cornucopia Box offers a variety of supportive gifts for folks on this journey, they would make such a welcome surprise.

In the same vein is Not Another Bunch of (ahem) Flowers

Here you’ll find Get Well Gifts of all kinds and but my favourite are the Queesy Drops and the chemo scarfs…

I’d like to mention Jennifer Young and her Beauty Despite Cancer Range. Worth a look is her dry scalp treatment.

Depending on how close you are, you could even offer a scalp massage – one of the bonus’ is it will feel amazing without your hair in the way. I used to spend hours in the shower!

It’s incredible to see the changes that are happening in this field. Even in the five years since I was diagnosed, there is so much more available. I hope this can helps you navigate what can be a tricky course!

Post script: I feel really proud to have been included in this collection and it’s available free here as an ebook.


A must-have for anybody recently diagnosed with cancer, I really wish something like this had been available when I was diagnosed. See… progress, all the time 🙂

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