Mastering your Adrenals

God knows my eyebrows could do with a look in but… I’d say this is the area of my body that gets the most attention. Yep I spend a lot of time with my adrenal glands!

The reason is this… it controls our feelings (dun, dun, duhhhhh!)

If we was to get all mystical about it, it links in to the Western chakra tradition and our solar plexus chakra (in sanskrit – the manipura or city of jewels).

And that reflects our personal power, self esteem and emotional memory.

A plexus by definition is a meeting of many nerves and vessels in the body. A Spaghetti Junction if you like…

From a Western, physical point of view the adrenal glands lie very close to this network and are where adrenaline, noradrenaline, cortisol… are released into the body to maintain balance. These also create the fight or flight response to perceived threats, through said network.

During stressful, tiring or intense times (good or bad) or a life crisis, your adrenals can go into overdrive and you can find yourself wiped out!

With new research suggesting that the body holds onto our emotional stress or scars, I don’t think it’s too far of a leap to suggest that there is a link between: the Eastern tradition (the place of emotional memory); and Western culture (the house that stress built). That the two indeed one and the same. Ergo our bodies are like a maternity ward, birthing illnesses and auto-immune conditions a go go out of a stress sperm impregnating the adrenal egg.

Aside from all this, I’m just talking about how I feel. When I feel outta wack, I feel it there. When I want to feel better there are a couple of things I do.

I breathe. I do my reset breath and this works to reverse the adrenal response. The holding of the breath (also associated with stopping hiccups) does something crazygood with the diaphragm and sends out an adrenaline homing signal. “Come back! False alarm! So he pushed in. Don’t have a cow man! He’s not worth it.”

The other thing I do is focus. On that space… From the Western tradition you would imagine the colour yellow like a tiny sun, in your solar plexus. This just means using your imagination and focusing your intention to relax that area. Breathing space into it, using trial and error, visualising that feeling not being there and letting go of any gunky emotions that have now passed. Butterflies, dandelion clocks and balloons are fairly twee but yet still good imagery for this…

Simply the recognition that you have The Power and the motivation to change the way you feel inside your own body is quite the changemaker.

To begin with I’d recommend taking a bit of lonesome time, but practice really does make imperfect progress. Over time, it develops into an everyday skill of recognising: I’m not feeling cock-a-hoop and here’s a pretty clever something I can do about it. Yippee! Yellow Sun, in my belly.


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