I never was one for ‘self-help’ books. I didn’t need “help” (I did).

In Robin Sharma’s #1 best-seller The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, he sums it up beautifully when he talks about folks on the subway reading self-help guides “I always thought that those people – were troubled souls desperate for some sort of medicine. I had trouble with the notion of self-improvement – had no time for New Age theories forced on me – I was wrong. It was this closed-mindedness that was holding my life back.”

I was a holistic therapist, wellbeing should have been my language but I still didn’t speak it. I could totally relate to Robin… until the diagnosis. And realised, maybe I do need “help”. And help I found. I am very grateful to the many authors, many books, films, podcasts that have helped me. And yet still I feel that “help” is the wrong word. It feels a little bit… victimmy. And it’s not that helpful.

I found that actually working on me, my thoughts, attitudes, goals, beliefs – it was a really creative process. I love how changing small things about myself can create big changes in my world. Totally fascinates me and it makes me feel that I have more control over my life and its direction.

The improvement in how I feel: about myself, my life, my future, has been so rewarding. And it is a skill, like learning to draw, with practice, you get better. Who knew!

And so Calm Craft was born. It is everything I’ve learnt, that I want to share.



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