Think Happy Thoughts…

To be happy, think happy… simple right?

Erm, no not really. Not if you’re not made that way. But it is possible, which is reassuring. Going into this, I wasn’t sure if I really would be able to change. I just knew that I really wanted to. That there must be more to life. I mean I had everything and still felt unhappy, it didn’t add up. The cancer just shone a light on it and made me value what is left of my life. I was motivated to make it a good one!

We are our thoughts. Basically our lives begin and end with them. Our thinks create our emoshs, which feed into how we behave and what we do, what we do creates our outcomes – et voila!

So if we’re having self-destructive or even just a little bit unhelpful ones, we’re going to get stuck, keep stumbling and getting in our own way, not getting the promotion, finding the right shoes (or any shoes – where do they go!)

Maybe we find life too packed with doing stuff we don’t really want to do, or our bodies feel sluggish, or our friendships could be more rewarding…  Neggy thoughts got a lot to answer for…

In contrast, if we have uplifting, grateful, self-supportive ones, we’re going to find it a lot easier to access happiness, attract more amazing peeps and opportunities, and as a by-product so much more besides, yes even the right shoes will magically find their way to you! All by the shift of a thought.

So as the first step on this path, all you have to do is pay attention – to what you’re thinking. In You Can Heal Your Life, Louise Hay talks about going into your mind, like going into a house. Where your thoughts are basically bric-a-brac which you pick up and examine. Do I still need this porcelain deer? Is it useful? Is it beautiful? Who put it here? Do I want it?

You just need to slow down your thinks and shine a light on your them. It can be quite… illuminating!



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