Kit List

Here are the essential items you will need to craft your calm:

A journal

A pen

Yep, that’s it.

Of course once you start on the path to calm, other things will find their way to you like bees to a flower: books, films, follows, podcasts, articles. All of it is great.

For many, certainly for me, this is such a new way of thinking, I’d highly recommend immersing yourself as much as possible in the ideas. Because as I’m sure you know, this isn’t just me on this blog, coming up with some crazy ideas, there are literally thousands (probably millions) of resources out there, talking about the same thing: David Avacado Wolfe, Rebecca Campbell,  Dr Lissa Rankin, Kris Carr, Brene Brown, Ruby Wax, Candace Pert…

When I first read Louise Hay’s book, I read it three times on the bounce. The first time I didn’t get it, the second time I threw it out the window (challenged it) and the third time it started to sink in. I still go back to it now.

Anyway, back to your kit list. Find yourself a journal, even better if it’s special, a good friend gave me these ones, from Sainsburys.

Start writing. I love a list! I make lists of the neggy thoughts that are cropping up in me that I hadn’t realised were there. And I write lists adapting them into more helpful ones.

And I love this process! It feels like progress… because it is. I’m actually doing something useful to improve myself, my life, my calm. I’m growing with a pen in my hand!

Keeping notes organises my thoughts but also gives me a log to look back on.

You’ll see how far you’ve come or in some cases, what thought patterns still need a little view through the magnifying mirror.

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