Don’t believe your beliefs

I’m remembering back to my first introduction to these concepts. I challenged them. All. How can changing what you think effect everything on such a grand scale? What I didn’t like is the idea that it was some kind of magic. Pah! What nonsense!

What I want to try and show is how our make-up of beliefs can impact our behaviour. Consider these well-oiled maxims:

Don’t tempt fate (something will go wrong if I do that)

Pride comes before a fall (something will go wrong if I feel good)

Go big or go home (don’t even try)

Don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today (recipe for exhaustion)

Nobody likes a show off (don’t share the real you)

The good die young (thanks!)

Boys don’t cry (emotions are wrong)

Time is a healer.. oh ok that one works.

But can you see the difference between how our past programming can help us and how it can certainly not! These are the tip of the iceberg of ideas and beliefs that flow endlessly through our minds. That shape our flexible reality.

What I mean is, what are yours? What beliefs feel like reality, feel like the truth but could be the barrier that is holding you back. Back from what? Back from everything! From being who the world needs you to be. From sharing the things that only you can. Being the friend, the mother, the bodywork therapist, the son, the lawyer, the assistant, the teacher, the dream catcher!

But more than what we think, how about what we say. All our words further create our reality…

I’m sick and tired

I can’t…

I’m not…

Every time we reject a compliment or do some female bonding over neggy self-image, we hear it. It all filters in to our mindscape and creates (or doesn’t create) who we are. I like to try and catch my thoughts and words like this. It has changed a lot.

For example my job, I used to give massages mostly to people wanting to relax, who saw it as a luxury and while I still do that, I now see people with all kinds of conditions, auto-immune disorders, chronic pain, cancer, bereavement. The old me felt so daunted by this, I stayed closed. Didn’t even consider it a thing.

I also used to be very bored of my job and saw it only as a stepping stone to something else. How could I spend a life doing only that? I would get so bored (another neggy belief) and I had to prove my worth more (and another!)

My experiences and decisions not to be afraid of people’s pain make my job now so much more rewarding, I feel really useful and that my job is worthwhile. It’s completely changed how I value and feel grateful for my work. Yet nothing and everything has changed.

Image courtesy of LA Pride Board

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