Spread them wings!

Something I haven’t touched on much yet and an important element of calmcrafting… ex-er-cise.

So during what I’m going to call “Mad October” when life went through a shift on the space/time continuum for me. The modelling I had done for M&S back in June was released on the world and the world (sorry, My World) went bonkers! Everyone was excited, it was so lovely. People gave me gifts, stopped me in the street, I was interviewed to within an inch of my life and in every spare moment I was creating content to help the campaign for Beast Cancer Now. What, you might be wondering, does this have to do with exercise? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And that’s the point. Life went crazy and self-care went South (I did of course fit in a massage – I’m not a maniac!)

Coming out of that month and I bombed. Came down back into reality. ‘Hello work, money, kids, Nusband, friends, energy levels, oh hang on where are you? Energy levels???’

So I stopped and did that thing that happens (not infrequently) where I look around and go ‘Aw shit I dropped all my balls again!’ So gradually I began to pick them back up. Sleep. Check. Rest. Check. Food. Check. Connecting with my loved ones. Check. Exercise… oh I suppose so.

This morning, I got up, pulled on my joggers and prepared for the off. Coming back from the school drop off, watching the route I’d take slide past in the car I thought… uh, I don’t wanna, look at this long road, I don’t want to jog that! And look at that sky, it’s darker than Donny, I’ll absorb precisely 0 vitamin D, more pollution than oxygen and WAH! I don’t wanna!

But reader, be proud because I forced myself out of that door and I forced a smile on my face. You know why? Because I knew it would be the difference between me getting home and getting shit done or me getting home drinking tea and watching Life in Pieces on the sofa (the irony is not lost on me).

While I was out there in the world, doing something it occurred to me, you know, there are times I couldn’t do this. Couldn’t walk up the stairs let alone jog around a bit. It made me smile.

Which brings me to the image and the title of this blog. The image is my son, jumping off the diving board at the beach. A few minutes before I had been mentoring him in a pre-fight stylee ‘Where is your Can Do?’. Reluctantly he pointed to his head. That’s right rookie, now get out there and JUMP! I am not a pushy Mum. I did NOT push him!

But it’s a good point – all of our I cans and I can’ts live in our heads. I CAN jog about a bit, and smile inanely at strangers. And I will. I like how it makes me feel. It makes me feel calm… and energised… #bonus!

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