New Year, Old Me!

Oooh I love this time of year! It’s like having an unopened parcel; or a doorway into Narnia unlocked and waiting – with skeleton plans sketched out with my hopes, dreams and ambitions fleshing out the details for now.

I relish the chance for a new start, a clean slate, an opportunity to contemplate, reflect and tweek things that might not be that good for me any more. Like a life shower, washing away the stale energy of mid-winter and cleansing, like getting ready for the first day at school, new pencil case and shiny shoes at the ready.

So how would I like my bon bons to be shaking next year? Where would I like to be in three, six, twelve months time? What are some practical do-dahs I could do to make that happen. If I wanted to create a vision board of my ultimate life, what would I put on there?

And here is where I need to get personal. Because at this time of year, something a little distracting is going on. The commercial world sort of, hijacks this holiday and twists it’s meaning for its own gains. Intrusions keep forcing themselves into my ears telling me I need a “new me”. I’m not exactly sure why (£££s I reckon). I mean it’s not like I’m spending my spare time punching rabbits or stealing dummies. I’m a pretty ok human bean! So it’s important to look beyond the cultural messaging of this year-turning and look deeper inside ourselves. What could we do with a fresh year at our disposal? What have we always wanted to try, old skills that we’d like to pick back up, friends who have drifted away, jobs that might fulfil us more or habits that could create a more fulfilling home or family life. It requires being honest with ourselves… and a little bit bold!

For me, I always want to be happier and and calmer and the further I get from my cancer diagnosis, the more I realise that the outside world, although it makes a show of having that for me, I know it is only really inside me. Rebecca Campbell writes beautifully about the way everything falls into harmony when we really engage with ourselves and find out who we are and why we’re here. Sceptical at first I still tried it out and whadda ya know,  the times I have felt my glow, my bliss, my joy, is when I actively look for it inside me and cultivate it, mainly by being kind… to me and paying attention to what I want and what feels good. There’s a lot of crap-cutting that needs to happen en-route but it’s worth it. Remarkable things tend to happen!

When I make my goals based on other people’s ideals, they come from a place of inadequacy, from lack, from not being good enough and needing to change. So no, I don’t want a “new me” for 2019. I want to honor just me. I want to celebrate me, respect me, reward me, encourage me, remind me of how far I’ve come and set out some goals that will nourish my soul and nurture my dreams. Happy New Year Calm Crafters! Look out for tomorrow’s New Year Round-up Freebie so you to make your own plans and schemes.

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