Helsby Holistics offers a bespoke service that can combine various treatments. Treatments are booked by time / duration (£1 per minute) and designed on the day based on how the client feels. Hours including evenings and weekends are largely flexible to suit.

Please allow plenty of time for your treatment, at least an additional (free) 30 minutes.

30 mins = £30

45 mins = £45

60 mins = £60

75 mins = £75

90 mins = £90

What is Hydrotherm?


A massage on warm water pillows… need we say more? This treatment is a gorgeous mix of dynamic massage, blended aromatherapy, total muscle relaxation and the best conditions for a mind and body to achieve peace. A total holistic experience. Unless otherwise requested, all treatments take place on the Hydrotherm.

A relaxing facial massage is the perfect treatment if you suffer 47d79b_fc6318653bc44e4fb8da8f4886bb5a29
with tension headaches, or find yourself frowning or your jaw
clenched a lot. We hold such a lot of tension triggers in our face and scalp. A relaxing facial is the perfect remedy and feels amazing!  Why not combine it with a back massage?

47d79b_e5b258c6798e4dba9a8ed20a7c8ff9feA full or part body massage is one of the most popular treatments, especially the 60 minute back massage, tailor-made to provide either a nurturing approach to relaxation or tension targeting. Widely researched the Helsby Holistics Signature Massage uses massage influences from Sweden, Arabia, India, The                                          Mediterranean and China.

47d79b_4dc83257fa6344fe9ccdc4a3b79b3a15Stone Massage is a brilliantly relaxing treatment, it just won’t give you a choice – you will relax! It is also a great treatment for chronic tension, arthritis and acute pain as the use of thermotherapy gently coaxes the body’s natural healing systems into play.


47d79b_146f4845b6a242569d5d93ec8439681dReflexology works to the principle that the whole body is mapped  out on the feet and by manipulating these points (via a nice foot rub!) you can revitalise the whole of the body.


47d79b_5a48b9799994446db7846d6ccd1661d9Reiki taps in to energy systems both in our bodies and in the world around us. The best way to describe it is – if you feel worn-out, run-down, depleted, reiki replenishes your energy leaving you ready to take on the world again.