I’m Emi Lou Howe and crafting calm is my passion. I’m an expert holistic therapist and teacher of fifteen years. A stress-management consultant, award-winning author, “inspirational” blogger, body-positive nude artist, fundraiser, motivational speaker, calm-hunter and real woman.

I am passionate about getting more real women into the mass media… hopefully before my daughter comes of age. So that she can feel good about herself with no reservations #mydream! #itsdoable

I have been published on/in: The Mighty, more! magazine, Huffington Post, Sky, Company, Read-Learn-Write, Malmaison, Elegant Traveller and on my blogs: howedoyoudo.commummyoneboob.com and here at calmcraft.com

I appeared in the Land Rover #hybernot campaign,  the 2017 Breast Cancer Awareness campaign for M&S and on Loose Women talking about body positivity.