Cancer Care

As many of my clients already know, in 2012 I was diagnosed with cancer. I was a healthy young Mum and an holistic therapist to boot! There was only one problem, I wasn’t living an holistic life, I was leading a busy life! Since then, my life has changed. A lot. And it has given me more than it has taken away.

I was asked if I would help develop a specific cancer treatment, an area which traditionally, therapists are keen to avoid. As soon as the idea was put to me, it made perfect sense. I have undergone my initial training at The Christie Hospital in a Diploma in Adapting Complementary Therapies for Cancer Care.

Often patients are referred to a hospice to enjoy complementary therapies – as I was. Talking to my therapist she said, “People always ask me “What next? Where can I continue holistic treatments” but there isn’t a great deal of choice, which is such a shame because for some people this is their first experience of relaxation of this kind and the benefits are obvious to them”.

When I was diagnosed people didn’t know what to do. They wanted to send me a gift but not much cheered me up. I went off chocolate, fragrances made my stomach turn, and some books depressed me. Of course it was overwhelming, so it was so important to me to harness some control and learn how I could help myself and my healing process. 

I offer a bespoke service for those diagnosed with cancer. 

Client Statement

‘I received six sessions of therapeutic treatments from Emi and they have been very helpful to me in my recovery from surgery to have all my lymph nodes removed from under my right arm following cancer diagnoses.

Emi has addressed all my needs: emotional, physical and psychological. She has given me a mix of helpful advice, meditation, hands on healing such as reiki and massage and also friendship and kindness.
I have been given the all- clear from the cancer which is wonderful for me. However I am still coping with pain and stiffness in my arm and also the effects of having gone through a very stressful and difficult  time. I have also experienced family upsets during this time. Emi has given me wonderful visualisation techniques and affirmations to help me get better.
After each session, I have felt thoroughly relaxed and ready to cope with whatever life may have in store for me. A truly holistic experience!
She is an excellent therapist.’

Sue, 13th July 2015